Windbag Consulting

Wanna chat? If you have a quick question, I’m happy to exchange a couple emails (although I’m really absent-minded and may take a long time to email you back) – just use the “Get in Touch” page to fire off a message. If you’re looking for some more in-depth info, you may want to set up a 30- or 60-minute consultation. Why would you want to do this when most information is publicly available on hundreds of points and miles blogs? Well, maybe you’re getting started and you’ve read a bunch of tutorials, but it still seems pretty daunting to put a strategy together. Or maybe you’re having a hard time aligning your points earning strategy with your travel goals, given the myriad frequent flyer programs out there. Or maybe you just want to bounce some credit card ideas off someone who isn’t going to yell “LOL NOOB!” at you. (I promise I won’t.)

Here’s how it works: send me an email using the form below and give me an idea of your questions and what you want to talk about. If I think I can help, we’ll set up a session (either via phone or video chat).

My rates are $40 for a 30-minute session and $70 for an hour, payable via cash only (kidding).

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