Hyatt Regency Paris – Tell me how to feel about this…

New readers may not be familiar with this, but I’m a pretty big deal around here, given that I singlehandedly uncovered THE BIGGEST HOTEL MISTAKE FARE IN HISTORY, and I have received innumerable plaudits as a result. Okay just kidding, I just stumbled upon a Hyatt mistake fare this past summer, but it blew up way bigger than I thought it would. AND I JUST WON’T SHUT UP ABOUT IT APPARENTLY.

To Hyatt’s credit, they sent me an email a few weeks later letting me know that I got in while the getting was good, and that despite the fact that the rate was indeed a mistake, they would still honor it. However, I’ve been slightly nervous ever since that they were going to find out it was me who unleashed the torrent of shit they had to deal with and take some sort of punitive action, like leaving stale croissants on my pillow or something.

Anyway, today I woke up to an email from them and was immediately worried that they had gone ahead and decided to cancel my reservation, but it turns out that it just has to do with the full renovation going on at the hotel.


Basically, no Regency Club access, but free breakfast and drinks in the hotel’s restaurant to compensate. Should I be happy about this? I’m only in Paris for a few days and will be out and about most of the time, so I don’t know if I would have spent much time in the club anyway – so maybe breakfast (and tapas!) in the restaurant is better. Did you get this email? Have you been to the hotel before? Is the club amazing? Tell me how to feel about this, and I’ll do it!

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