Stay Gold, Windyboy, Stay Gold

A couple years ago, my wife applied for an Amex Premier Rewards Gold card after being targeted for 50,000 points after $3000 spend. That was actually one of the opening salvos in my churning period, since before that I was pretty focused on United/Chase, not realizing the utility of having points in multiple programs (I know, I know). The Amex offer seemed like a good deal, especially after I learned how easy it is to share Amex points by transferring them to authorized users’ frequent flyer accounts.

Much to my surprise, another mailer came today offering her the same deal (50,000 points after only $2000 spend), although the dreaded “once per lifetime” language was nowhere to be found. To be specific, neither the “have or have had this product” or the “card enrolled in the Membership Rewards program” verbiage appeared anywhere on the offer or the terms and conditions. My first thought was, “What makes HER so goddamned special, AMEX???” My second thought was to be happy that such a rare, beautiful missive appeared in my mailbox, since I had heard rumors of such restriction-less targeted offers being sent out, but I assumed I’d never receive one, given our current level of engagement with Amex. I did just write about how I was hoping to have Justine open more cards in 2017, though, so this definitely comes at an opportune time. (My third thought was that this definitely bodes well for the future, and while I probably won’t get any of these offers myself for a few years, there’s definitely a sliver of hope for more Amex bonuses in the future.)

What about you, though? Well, in the interest of public service, the POID code for this offer is CCFY:0001. Now, before you call Amex and quote this code, please be advised that you shouldn’t call Amex and quote this code. Amex has cracked down on people applying for offers not intended for them, and it’s very likely that if you did receive the 50k bonus, your points would be clawed back, and your entire Membership Rewards account might end up frozen indefinitely. But, I mean, you do you. If you want to roll the dice, you might get lucky.

BTW, POID codes are different than RSVP codes. If I were dumb enough to give you the personalized RSVP code on the offer and you entered it online, you’d see my wife’s information pre-populated on the webform. POID codes are used when calling AMEX’s new accounts department, and they describe the offer itself and not the recipient. Back in 2015 when the 100k Platinum offer went public for a couple days, people were able to get the bonus by calling and quoting the POID, even if they couldn’t get the offer to load online. Like I said, though, that was then and this is now. Amex isn’t as friendly as they once were toward this type of rule-bending, and I don’t recommend you test your limits unless you’re an outlaw who plays by your own rules and has nothing to lose.

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