My thoughts on United Polaris will have to wait

I was gonna write a post today, but… for fuck’s sake.

This was at SFO today, where the crowd got so big the police gave up trying to keep us on the sidewalk and let us take over the entire arrivals level outside the international terminal.


If you support what Trump did, get off my blog. I don’t want your xenophobic ass bolstering my stats, and I’m certainly going to delete whatever stupid bullshit you post in the comments.


    1. This is funny, because you hit on my #1 most hated comment I read on other blogs. As long as we’re doing things that run roughshod over basic human rights, I’m hoping we can at least make it punishable by death to tell someone “this is supposed to be a blog about….” in response to a post you don’t like.


      1. Seriously. When people write shit like that “I come here to escape politics” it’s like dude if you want to escape, sniff some fucking glue or something. Otherwise this is it.


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