Did the Mercedes-Benz Platinum Card just become Amex’s best value? Probably not, but you know, maybe.

Update: Nope, it didn’t. Turns out the customer service rep I spoke to was mistaken and the fee will be $550 after all. A chat rep not having the full story a day after the new card benefits are published? SCANDALOUS.

Today The Points Guy published a Q&A that everyone thinking of keeping or getting an Amex Platinum card should read, given that there are some changes coming to the card. Like most, I’m feeling meh-to-bad about the changes, but I’m not going to go into them in detail, since that’s been done to death already. Instead, I want to look at the Mercedes-Benz Platinum card specifically.

I picked up a MB Platty last summer when they offered 75,000 points after 3K spending. This was a public bonus that was around for a few months, and I considered it a great deal. Since my plan is to hold the Platinum card long-term, I intended to cancel the MB Platty after a year, netting 75,000 points for $75 after receiving $400 in airline credits across the two calendar years of card ownership. (The MB Platty has a $475 annual fee, which includes a $100 credit toward junky shit with the Mercedes logo on it and 5x towards purchases made directly from Mercedes.)

As is common knowledge by now, Amex is increasing the Platinum’s annual fee from $450 to $550, beginning for cards whose fees are billed after 9/1/17. That means that my above-mentioned plan to keep the normal one and cancel the MB has flipped, since my fee for the MB Platty hits in July, and the normal Platinum fee hits in September. Based on that 9/1/17 deadline, the fee on the MB won’t go up until 2018.

In the TPG Q&A today, they specify that the new annual fee will be $550 across all Platinum cards, including Mercedes. However, I had asked Amex about the fee on that card before I read the TPG article, and they gave me a different story.

I’m 100% sure that TPG is right, since the rep that their staff communicated with was probably way higher up the food chain than the chat rep I talked to. On the other hand, though, chats are technically “in writing,” so maybe I can be a dick and harass Amex about this when it becomes relevant. That won’t be for a while, since I won’t be charged $550 to renew this card until July of 2018. By then, I’m sure the actual fee will have been well-published, eliminating any case for confusion stemming from a web chat two days after the changes were announced. Still, at least in the early days of the new Platinum roll-out, I wanted to publish this at least to show that Amex hasn’t buttoned up their messaging quite yet.

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  1. myfindsdiary says:

    Hm this is interesting. Still deciding if I should apply for the MB Plat to replace my regular Plat and to do it before these changes…


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