I don’t have ads on this site, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to tell you about my Kickstarter project.

In my spare time (ie: the time spent not working or writing my irreverent points and miles blog), I enjoy writing other stuff, like essays about semi-obscure Italian artists. One such essay has become fairly popular – not Million Mile Secrets interview popular, but still pretty good. I’m currently raising some money over on Kickstarter to publish a new edition of the essay, since I originally wrote it a long time ago and it’s really out of date.


If you like the posts where I blather on about literary theory, you’re going to LOVE the essay I wrote, since that’s basically all it is. It doesn’t have anything to do with points and miles, but one of the prices you pay for this blog not having any ads is that I will use it to advertise my own shit when appropriate. Your regularly scheduled programming will resume tomorrow.



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