Does anyone want my Korean Air lounge passes?

I was about to list the Korean Air lounge passes that I received with my new US Bank Skypass Visa card on eBay, but then I realized that they’re more restrictive than, say, the United Club passes that come with Chase’s United card. For instance: you need to put your Skypass number on the pass, and it has to match the name of the primary cardholder – meaning that you’d also need a Skypass Visa if you were to use my passes. Also, you can only use them when flying on Korean Air, and only within the US or at Incheon airport. Since all the Korean Air lounges in the US that I know of are also Priority Pass lounges, these passes really only make sense if you’re flying out of ICN not in a premium cabin more than once a year (since you’d presumably have already used the passes you received with your card).

Anyway, long story short is that I don’t have any use for the passes, and I’m not going to bother reselling them. If you want them, get in touch via the contact page with your mailing address and I’ll send ’em out. First come first served, although I have a sneaking suspicion that no one is going to take me up on this…

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