Call PETA! United refuses to stop slaughtering animals on domestic flights!!!!!!

I learned something tonight – United doesn’t offer vegan meals on domestic flights. Did everyone already know this? Does any airline offer vegan meals (transcon service excluded)? I guess I usually don’t eat on domestic flights, so I never really noticed. I needed to request one for an upcoming transatlantic flight, and I figured I might as well request one on my domestic positioning flight – that’s when I was informed that it’s MEAT ONLY. Now would be a hilarious time for Ingrid Newkirk to kick up a viral shitstorm and release a bunch of spray painted cows onto the runway at SFO or something. Wouldn’t that be funny?

I’m too outraged over this Comey business to care that much. (Oops, there I go again “slipping” my politics into my posts. I can’t help it! The commenters on Doctor of Credit were right after all – I’m insatiable!) However, I did decide to annoy the United customer service rep who was helping me, which I admit was a dick move since he was only trying to help. Still, this convo…



  1. Paul Hurder says:

    Did Comey have a vegan meal option on his return flight to DC last night? Probably wasn’t very hungry anyway.


  2. Biggie F says:

    Honestly, a disappointing story given that, from the headline, I was encouraged to believe that United was taking extreme action against the proliferation of so-called emotional support dogs.

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  3. JG says:

    Your definition of “dick move” is waayyy different than mine. Either you’re really nice or I’m an incredible asshole, probably both.


  4. Windbag Miles says:

    Yeah, that’s true… I guess I was being more of a scamp than a dick. I called myself a “fucker” on Twitter, which led a couple people to make the same observation you just did.


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