Has anyone gotten bonus points from Amex wire transfers?

I saw an interesting promotion at the bottom of the monthly newsletter that Amex sends me for my Blue for Business card: “Fee-free international wire payments @ earn up to 30K points.” The link brought me to a landing page not otherwise accessible from the Amex site (at least as far as I could find). (The link had a referral code in it, so I don’t want to share it here. The main address is at fxipreferral.americanexpress.com, but that doesn’t work as a URL without the other junk. I’m not sure if this was targeted to me or not.)


I wish I could take advantage of this, but you need a business checking account and a tax ID number (not a social security number). It’s a separate service with a much more involved application than what I had to complete in order to get the business card in the first place, and it’s clearly not for hobby businesses like mine. The annoying thing is that I do sometimes need to make foreign wire transfers when buying things from Europe, since PayPal is nowhere near as common as it is here. Even without the bonus, a fee-free option for wire transfers (for a limited time, $10 thereafter) is way better than $45 from Chase, even if Amex gouges me on the exchange rates. The bonus offer is really good, too – 15,000 points after the first transfer and 30,000 after three more. There isn’t even a minimum amount required to trigger the bonus. You also earn points for the actual transfer, but at 1 point per 30 dollars transferred, it’s not exactly an undiscovered manufactured-spend goldmine.

Anyway, anyone with a business card through Amex and a “real” business should check if they’re targeted for this. It’s also a good reason not to opt out of the mostly useless monthly newsletters, since they do sometimes contain interesting offers. Has anyone had experience with this? Is there a catch, like Travelex-level gouging on the exchange rates or other hidden fees? It did almost sound too good to be true, even if I could have made it all the way through the application.


  1. mangojasmine says:

    I’m currently in the process of signing up. Will update as to the terms and exchange rates.


  2. mangojasmine says:

    An update on the Amex FX Payments program-

    I submitted an application over the weekend with my state business license and business bank account information, and it looks like the application is just the beginning.
    The hurdles may be possible to cross for the most MR hungry, but it doesn’t look like this would be feasible for anyone who doesn’t have an actual business with documentation and can demonstrate the need for the FX program.
    See below.

    “Hi xxxxx,

    Thank you for choosing American Express Foreign Exchange for your international payment needs. We look forward to working with you; your future business is wanted and appreciated.
    Currently your application is under review. As the Foreign Exchange market is a heavily regulated industry, we require some additional information in order to complete your application.

    Please reply to this email with the items below:

    · A copy of your active business license with DBA (Doing Business As, Trade, Assumed or Fictitious) name registration for XXXXXX.
    · You indicated on your application that your business does not have a website. Please explain how your business operates and advertises.
    · A brief description of your line of business and how you will be using our Foreign Exchange International Payment services.
    · 2-3 of any of the documents below in your business name and dated within the last 3 months that demonstrate your need for our Foreign Exchange International Payment services.
    · Contracts
    · Invoices
    · Service agreements
    · Previous international wire receipts
    · Business plan
    · Marketing Materials (i.e. Brochures, Fliers, etc.)

    I look forward to your response, and if you have any questions or concerns you can email me directly. Again, thank you for choosing American Express.

    Best Regards,



    1. Windbag Miles says:

      Jeez, they aren’t messing around. I’m gonna write an update to that post soon, since I did end up applying after all, just to play it out a bit further. Pretty sure I won’t make it all the way, but it has been interesting.


  3. mangojasmine says:

    Oh good, it will be interesting to see your progress.
    I’m actually a bit annoyed since my rep made it sound like it would be easy peasy as soon as I submitted the application.
    And I actually have orders/wires that need to be placed like, yesterday. Grr.


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