Enjoy these graphics I made to accompany an outrageously profane article about Flying Blue that I deleted.

The other night, I wrote a very profane rant about Flying Blue’s devaluation, mostly taking issue with the infuriating rhetorical gymnastics required to pitch it as a positive change. About 10 minutes after posting it, I realized it may have gone too far, so I pulled it down. I think people who subscribe to the blog over email were able to read it, and maybe RSS subscribers as well. Let that be a lesson to you – subscribers get access to stuff that briefly passes through my self-censorship filter before getting caught in my better judgment filter.

However, in the course of writing the post, I made some graphics to reinforce my point, and I thought they were pretty good… so I’m just going to post them here with minimal comment.

Here’s one of the new marketing banners for JOON (Air France’s laughably ham-fisted airline for millennials):


Here’s a screen shot from Flying Blue’s new website that basically gaslights you into believing that the brown log they just left on your doorstep is a chocolate bar:


And finally, I tried to improve on their “Flying Blue Reinvented” graphic, since I didn’t think it sufficiently expressed how insanely frustrating the rollout of the new program has been.



I think I can let this go for now, until they actually unveil the redemption scheme under the new program (it’s so fucking “more clear” that they don’t even tell you how fucking much their shitty fucking awards are going to fucking cost)… okay I’m getting worked up again, so I should sign off. Yay Photoshop!

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  1. snyderman says:

    Ahahaha. That last one is gold. I’ve always wanted redemptions that are more flexibler.


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