By the way, Amex has a good referral offer on the Delta Gold card right now

A while back I wrote a post about how much I like Amex’s new habit of offering increased referral bonuses on many of their cards. If you’re over counting your credit inquiries, it’s a good way to wring some extra bonus points out of Amex cards you’ve had before by trading referrals with your partner in crime. (Assuming you have a partner in crime and aren’t a lonely used-up husk of a person.) In general, Amex referrals aren’t a good deal for the referee, since the bonuses are often less than you can find through incognito trickery — although that obviously doesn’t matter if the referee has had the card before.

Happily, Amex’s Delta card has a nice offer going right now, assuming the person you’re referring isn’t targeted for the 75k sign-up bonus right now. Here are the deets:


10k for you, 60k plus a $50 statement credit for them. This offer matches the previous “HIGHEST EVER” bonus on this card, and as long as your referee can’t get the 75k bonus, your referral still represents a great deal. (The public offer for this card right now is 35k plus $50.)

One word of caution: unlike the targeted 75k offer, the referral offer does carry the once-per-lifetime language. And while 60k is the HIGHEST EVER non-targeted bonus for right now, it’s pretty likely that there will be even higher bonuses in the future. So just make sure your friend knows that they might miss out on more miles down the road, unless they get a targeted offer of their own someday (and the circle of life continues).

If you’d like to support this blog and are interested in 60,000 SkyMiles (and understand that this may disqualify you from higher bonuses in the future), here is my referral link. If you want to check whether you’re targeted for the 75k bonus first, do it here.


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