Hello new credit card page, good-bye stupid article about how I value points.

A quick note about some new content on the site and a reshuffling of the header bar. First, I took down the link to the page about how I value points, since this post hasn’t aged well (in my opinion). It was one of the first things I wrote on the blog, and it’s way more involved than I think is even remotely necessary, to the point that I’m almost a little embarrassed of it. It’s not that I think it’s wrong or anything, just that it massively overclaims how anal-retentive I am about valuing my redemptions. So, now it’s off the header bar, but it isn’t gone forever.

In its place, I’ve added a new page collecting all the quasi-useful articles I’ve written about credit cards over the past couple years. If this blog is good for anything (besides profane ranting), it’s that my insane obsession with credit cards sometimes leads me to post useful information. I figured it would be helpful to gather those rare gems in one place, although I did try to limit it to articles that are still reasonably current as of this writing.

That’s all for now — I won’t even put a donation link at the bottom of this post, since I don’t think I deserve $5 just for telling you that I changed the header bar.

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