Quick! I’m gonna write about the changes to the Korean Air Skypass Visa card really fast and scoop all the other blogs that are lazing away another Saturday.

I’m in a hurry! I’ve gotta get this post up before all the other blogs write about it. I wanna break news for once god dammit! Even if it’s about a card that most people don’t have, and even if the changes aren’t that big of a deal! Wait, let me at least put up an image of the card, since that’s so important.

Okay, so what are the changes? First, the annual fee is going up to $95. In exchange, you now earn 2 miles per dollar at gas stations and hotels, AND you get a $50 discount coupon on a Korean Air ticket every year on your cardmember renewal date.

Want to hear my commentary about these changes? TOO BAD! I’ve gotta publish this before Doctor of Credit scoops me!

Well, there’s enough time to put up my useless five dollar thingy I guess. (By the way, feel free to post links to all the places that posted this before me, since notices went out on August 1st and I’m just getting to it now.)

UPDATE: Pics or it didn’t happen.

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