Wait, there’s a Windbag Miles podcast? Yes, it’s called the Windbag Windcast, and it’s okay.

Earlier this year, I decided it would be fun to start recording a podcast, so I did. It kind of started in the same spirit as this blog, which is to say it’s totally unstructured, unresearched, and unprofessional. I’m not going to go on and on about how you SHOULD listen to it, but if you like my blog posts and think you’d like hearing me blab my way through thoughts even less fully-formed than what I write here, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s the thing: you gotta pay for it. The podcast started as an extra incentive for my Patreon supporters, and I think it’s really funny to put so much effort into something that only 10-12 people are able to hear. At first, supporting me on Patreon was a truly charitable gesture, since there wasn’t much extra I could offer the brave and generous souls willing to give me $3 per month. At least now they get access to a podcast that no one else gets to hear.

I went ahead and put together a “sampler” episode with clips from the past six episodes so you could get a sense of what you’d be in for. I’ve been recording one every week, but I’m certainly not going to guarantee that I’ll stick to that schedule. Here, check it out:

One other thing that I decided to do, even though I’m sure the interest level is about on par with the Barclay Arrival Premier card, is to make a “physical blog post.” See, Patreon kept sending me emails about doing a “special offer” for my supporters, and one of the things they stressed was that I need to send something physical to my supporters to thank them for their support. I’m not about to order a bunch of chintzy Windbag Miles luggage tags or anything, so I decided to combine my interests in publishing/graphic design with my blog and make a poster of one of my posts.

Why would anyone want this? As I mentioned above, no one does. I still think it looks cool, though, and I like making museum-quality prints of shit like this. So if you want to cough up $10, I’ll send you this and you can use it as a napkin or whatever.

It’s all happening over at my Patreon Party, which I really hope you join… but if not, I still love you. And I promise I’m gonna start writing posts again here this week, so you’ll have that to look forward to no matter what.

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