Introducing “Windbag Mails,” the Windbag Miles blog in a convenient travel size package for the modern on-the-go businessperson.

That’s right, despite never writing or updating this blog, I’ve decided to start word vomiting on a new platform altogether. To read why, and to subscribe so you never miss a drop, go here: WINDBAG MAILS LINK, CLICK HERE GRANDPA.

Quick note: I’m not auto-subscribing the mailing list from this blog to the newsletter out of respect for you (not to mention fear of you), so you’ll have to subscribe again. That whole “subscribe again” thing was a miserable failure when I migrated the blog to Squarespace and lost hundreds of subscribers, but I’m trying it again here… You know what they say, “The definition of genius is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results because chaos theory is real.”


  1. ferndale66 says:

    I would love to post a comment but I have no idea how to “ set “ a photo.

    John Bucher

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Lentoasema says:

    Well that is special. I tried to subscribe but could not. Why, you may ask? I am traveling, in Bariloche Argentina. At the Llao Llao hotel which offers a fast but open wifi. So I am using Mulvad VPN and a nice locked down version of Firefox. As would any sentient traveler. My Firefox is set to use DNS over HTTPS which means Cloudflare. I get a 504 from Cloudflare – cannot connect to You may lose a few more subbies, I sure ain’t gonna use an open wifi pop in Argentina, no sir. Good luck, maybe I will try again when I get back to the USA in April.


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