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Of course my interest in points and miles is all in the service unlocking amazing luxury travel experiences that I could never otherwise afford… but I have to admit that the intrinsic enjoyment of earning points through a well-executed credit card strategy is a genuine interest area as well. To put it more bluntly, I’m obsessed with credit cards. And while this blog is mostly a collection of personal rants, I do occasionally post stuff that may be useful to other credit card churners. Here’s a list of those links, all collected in one place for easy reference.

American Express

— How I got a Morgan Stanley Platinum card through my Access Investing account. (This one is split into three separate posts.)
— How useful is the Charles Schwab Platinum’s option to convert points to cash at 1.25 cents each? Pretty useful it turns out.
— Sorry, the Hilton Aspire’s $100 on-property credit at Conrad and Waldorf Astoria isn’t very good.
— The Delta Blue card isn’t very good either.
— Parsing the different flavors of the Membership Rewards program.
My epic saga of getting set up with Amex’s foreign wire service.

Bank of America

It sure is getting harder to get approved for Bank of America cards.
But I still managed to get a new Alaska card.


— Want a free authorized user card for your Sapphire Reserve? There’s a workaround for that.
Is the Sapphire Reserve’s travel credit really as good as cash?
— Chase (via Hyatt) does offer some niche airline transfer options that people often forget about.


— Citi keeps trying to get me to upgrade my Preferred card to a Premier. Here are a couple posts about that.


— I didn’t end up getting the Altitude Reserve card — here’s why.
— Applying for a Korean Air Visa card.
Some changes to the Korean Air Visa, circa August 2018.

Other Banks

— Back when the Cathay Pacific Visa had an elevated bonus, I wrote about why I wasn’t going to get one.
— I got rid of my City National Bank Crystal card, but not before some hand-wringing.


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