Lounge Life, Part 3

Because you can’t and will never be able to get enough, I’m back with another round of my very popular lounge reviews. It’s really gratifying to see my 80-point scale become the standard across the point & miles blogging community, since I really do think it’s the best representation of lounge quality. So, without furtherContinue reading “Lounge Life, Part 3”

All Mixed Up

I’m intrigued by Aeroplan – in general, it offers a user-friendly way to search for Star Alliance awards, and business class awards to Europe are 45,000 miles each way. That’s a favorable comparison to United, which charges 57,500 miles for their own flights and 70,000 miles for partner flights. The problem I keep running intoContinue reading “All Mixed Up”

Lounge Life (Part 2)

Who wants more lounge reviews? For someone who hadn’t been to an airport lounge before this year, I feel like I’ve seen a lot of them this year. This crop of reviews will bring me up to date, although I’ll get to see the new Centurion Studio in Seattle next weekend, so if you wereContinue reading “Lounge Life (Part 2)”

If Christopher Elliott is a consumer advocate, I don’t want to be a consumer

There’s a good debate in the comments thread of a recent View From the Wing post on Christopher Elliott’s claim that economy passengers are subsidizing the luxuriant lifestyles of first class passengers. The argument is that by giving up comfort (more seats per row, less legroom) and being roped into very restrictive ticketing policies, airlinesContinue reading “If Christopher Elliott is a consumer advocate, I don’t want to be a consumer”

Lounge Life (Part 1)

Aside from a trip to the Admirals Club when I was in high school, I had never been to an airline lounge before this year. What a year of firsts! My current lounge credentials are obtained through credit cards: Priority pass lounges and American Admirals Club access through the Citi Prestige and Delta Sky Club and Centurion loungeContinue reading “Lounge Life (Part 1)”

Ambivalent Ambassador

Earlier this year, I paid $200 to get Ambassador status at Intercontinental hotels. I did it on a whim, since I had sold a bunch of stuff on eBay and had used the money to book a couple weekend trips to IC hotels in Monterey and San Francisco (“staycations” as they’re called by insufferable people).Continue reading “Ambivalent Ambassador”