Okay, so Gary Leff is a god in the points/miles world, and I read his blog religiously. I even listened to his entire podcast with Roberth Wuhl while waiting in an insane line at a sandwich shop near my office. It was a nice way to pass the time, especially since I’m a fan of Robert WuhlContinue reading “Starstruck!”

Dutch Crunch

I’ve been pretty excited to fly SFO to Amsterdam on KLM’s new business class, which looks fantastic. The seats actually look pretty similar to United’s trans-con BusinessFirst, but the whole aesthetic is taken up a notch, and they’re in a dedicated mini-cabin on the upper floor of the 747 (or in the nose, if youContinue reading “Dutch Crunch”

American Horror Story

For years, I refused to fly American Airlines, because they are terrible. They’re terrible in a can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it way, but every flight I’ve ever had on American was always just a little more unpleasant than any other flight I’ve ever had. I even hated American when I was a kid (and my brother and I thought we wereContinue reading “American Horror Story”

Starwood Lust

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way. Every time someone talks about Starwood points, all I can think about is the episode of Broad City where Abbi accidentally gets super high and charges $1000+ of groceries at Whole Foods to her Starwood credit card that she got because she thought it would makeContinue reading “Starwood Lust”


Delta’s increasingly less-rewarding frequent flyer rewards program isn’t news to people who follow points and miles. SkyMiles have seen an overall decrease in value as the program has become more and more like a fixed currency (with redemption rates dependent on flight prices, hence Delta’s removal of award charts). Most of the time, SkyMiles endContinue reading “SkyEthnocentrism”

Reconsideration Recap

I’ve always found reconsideration calls to be fairly pleasant. I almost never get approved for a card straight away, and when I call reconsideration to speed things along, I usually only have to confirm my income (because, apparently, saying it twice makes it true). At worst, the lender will ask me to rearrange my creditContinue reading “Reconsideration Recap”